Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mooninite Hoax???

I have to throw my .02¢ in on this whole Aqua Teen Hunger Force hoax thing. First, it was clearly an error on someones part, but the question is who's? As more info comes out it seems miscommunication is the key here. The two poor shlubs that got arrested are enjoying their moment in the spotlight. Hopefully when all is said and done they'll be released and not charged. It seems as if the judge for the case has his doubts about the City of Boston being able to make it's case. There just doesn't seem to be intent. Turner Broadcasting had to be fully aware of what was going on by 1 or 2 o'clock, yet they didn't contact city officials until 5pm, that's a problem. The thing is as more info comes out it sounds like Turner may have had permission from the municipality so it may have been a lack of communication between certain city offices and law enforcement. It is somewhat shocking that an entire city can be shut down by a bunch of battery powered Lite Brite's. Of course it can't have helped that the news stations kept referring to them as "Mysterious Packages" and "Possible Bombs".

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