Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fox News High School Fair and Balanced: We Censor We Decide

Ok so this story is starting to get a little play nationally. I must say I do find it interesting for a host of reasons not the least of which is the inconsistency of the administration. Wouldn't it have been wise for the principal to deal with this at the front end as opposed to waiting until he received some pressure for what his students were doing? I mean we all know that's what happened right? He figured no one was going to care what a bunch of theater geeks were doing until people got wind of it and the right wing thought police figured it needed to be stopped. I love how he claims he stopped it because it wasn't politically balanced and lacked context... ok wait... instead of stopping the production you take a chance and use it as a teaching opportunity. Had he thought it through maybe he could have worked with the students and the director and set up panel discussions and debates surrounding the event? Clearly he chose the easy way out. I hope his students will remember this about him as they make choices in their lives.

I also found a certain amount of humor in the fact that he was concerned about political balance but the last production they did in the fall was Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Does anyone else smell a whiff of irony? Maybe this guy needs a vocab quiz on the word "Allegory"

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