Friday, October 31, 2008

And now, the end is near...

96 hours. At least that's what they are saying on the news. Hope springs eternal for the McCain camp as some polls tighten but looking at the electoral map it's a huge uphill task. To repeat, if Obama wins in PA forget it. McCain would have to win all the toss ups and NH just to pull out a tie. We could see a close popular vote and an electoral landslide.

I watched the Obama Infomercial the other night and was very impressed. Obviously it was a slick production but what he said and who he was talking to was hugely important. I believe he connected with the middle class, he showed how he was like them. Difference is something the McCain campaign has been trying to hammer home in the last couple of weeks. They can deny, deny, deny but the proof is in the pudding. People carrying monkey dolls with Obama stickers on them, Joe the Idiot saying Obama wants to destroy Israel, and on and on. One site I frequent referred to the paid spot as an 'Afromercial'
and then had the gall to wonder why someone might think such a comment was racist. Gee I don't know...because it is?

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