Friday, January 26, 2007

Callahan at it again

The discussion on the D&C show this morning centered around Lovie Smith and Tony Dungee being hailed as the first two black coaches to make it to the Super Bowl. Callahans stance was unsurprising in that he felt too much was being made of it and that somehow this was not a big deal. His claim was that these two didn't have to overcome anything and that the ground had been broken for them some 18 years ago when Art Shell took over as head coach of the Raiders. I suppose there is some truth to this but it's not like black head coaches have a long history in the NFL to this point, I mean we are talking about only 18 years, less than half my lifetime. Dennis was making some nice points that it wasn't about bringing focus to our racist society, but about celebrating an achievement of growth as a society.

Do I think this is a huge milestone? No. The huge milestone will be when we have a minority or a female as president. We are so far behind the curve on this one in the developed world that it should be a great source of embarrassment. That doesn't mean you do it to so it, but certainly there have been minorities and women who have been supremely qualified to be our Commander in Chief, certainly more qualified than our current president.

I missed a couple of shows last week, I wonder if Callahan has apologized for propping up the Obama "Madrassa" story. Could there be a more clear cut case of "Swift Boating"?

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