Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ed Brown Tax Prep

Would you let Ed Brown do your taxes? The guy continues to claim there's no law that allows the feds to collect taxes on income. Now, I'm 37 years old and it's been awhile since my last civics class but as this article points out the 16th amendment was ratified in 1913 and allows for the collect of taxes from income. Pretty simple. Now I know this guy is holed up but alot of supporters are gathering, and by allowing that they are going to create a David Koresh type of martyr out of the whacko. He's on a well, has solar power and has months of food. What to do? well, how about not allowing supporters access to him, they will only manage to bring in more supplies, weapons and ammunition. Blockade him in and let him see how he likes sticking it out alone. His wife is going to be sentenced on April 24th, we'll see what kind of coward he is when he let's her go down for the both of them.

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