Thursday, January 18, 2007

In the beginning...

How to begin? I've been blogging on and off for a couple of years with little success. The chief reason for this lack of success has been, I think, my inability to find subject matter that keeps me entertained enough to stick with blogging long enough to gain an audience.

As long as I have been blogging I have been attracted to political blogs, and most recently I have become a regular reader of by Mike Stark, Scoobie Davis Online and the Huffington Post. In a "know the enemy" effort I've also been a sometimes reader/commenter at right wing news and views and I often find myself at The Drudge Report.

It has been Mike Stark and his efforts in the Virgina Senate race and the plight/saga of Spocko of Spocko's brain that have inspired me to begin my own politically based blog. As I was thinking about doing this I struggled with what some of my topics might be...and it hit me...Spocko was exposing the hate speech being spewed at KSFO in San Francisco, maybe I could do something locally.

My radio listening habits have mainly been limited to the short drive taking my son to daycare in the morning and the occasional work related driving that I do. For the past couple of years I've alternated between Boston sports talk on WEEI (locally broadcast on WVEI) and Air America. Sadly in December AA ceased to exist in Boston (I really miss Stephanie Miller, that's good radio) so I am limited now to Dennis&Callahan on my morning drive. John Dennis was a local sports broadcaster for a number of years and Gerry Callahan (AKA Captain Forehead) is a writer and columnist for the local tabloid The Boston Herald.

Both men are to the right on the political spectrum (though Dennis has begun to express displeasure with W's handling of the war recently) and often the morning's subject matter turns to the topic of politics. Now you may be asking yourself "what are a couple of sports talk guys doing delving into politics"? Well your guess is as good as mine. They go off on a wide range of wide I mean sports, how much they hate liberals, how much Callahan LOVES W and their undying manlove for "24" and Jack Bauer.

What do these two boneheads have to do with this blog? Well, they (and more specifically Callahan) are my inspiration. If the hate at KSFO is worthy of being exposed, than so to are the rants that Callahan seems to go off on daily.

His current object of hate is Barack Obama. Whenever possible he refers to Senator Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama" in the Fox news mold. While I realize this is Obama's full name it's pretty clear that Callahan is only using his middle name in an effort to conflate the publics association of his name with that of Saddam Hussein.

On Wednesday January 17th the hosts of the D&C show were discussing "24" and the minor dust up of it's rightward leanings. Of course they defended the show as merely "realistic" and considered the scandal nothing. In fact they claimed that somehow the shows use of Muslims as terrorists was somehow doing real Muslims a favor by giving them jobs in Hollywood. Of course this ignores the fact that several of the actors portraying these terrorists are not actually Muslim (Kal Penn, Harry Lennix and Adoni Maropis to start).

Now in addition to this when naming the characters played by these men Callahan referred to one of the terrorists as "Obama" a clear attempt to associate Barack Obama with terrorists. Of course at every chance he gets Callahan likes to make sure everyone knows that the Democrats have no plan for Iraq and simply want to surrender.

While I may comment on a host of other issues, I will make a sincere effort to continue to bring the daily rantings of Gerry Callahan to you so you won't to listen yourself.

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